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Energy efficient heating

Complete control over the weather isn’t possible, however complete control over your pool heating and running costs are with EvoHeat.

Inverter pool heat pumps are fast becoming the mainstream heating solution for domestic and commercial pools and spas across Australia, and for good reason! They surpass traditional methods of heating while saving energy, reducing running costs, and cutting carbon emissions. So, if you are looking for the ideal pool heater, this article is for you. An inverter heat pump is a different way to use renewable energy to heat your pool water. Operating on a similar principle to an air conditioner system, an inverter heat pump absorbs the solar heat from the surrounding air, and the electrical pump transfers the heat into the pool through a series of processes. The inverter technology continually optimises the way the heat pump operates to ensure that the least amount of energy is required to maintain the desired temperature, producing incredible efficiency and lower electricity bills. This allows for the desired pool temperature to be managed much more efficiently. The motor works like cruise control in your car to maintain a set temperature, rather than stopping and starting the motor like traditional on/off heat pumps. The inverter heat pump runs at maximum capacity to get the pool up to temperature as fast as possible, but then automatically reduces its speed and energy consumption to maintain the temperature. With excellent energy efficiency ratings, it only makes sense that this translates to low running costs. An inverter heat pump typically costs up to 85% less than electric element and gas heating, and unlike solar pool heating, an inverter heat pump is not dependent on the weather and guarantees your desired pool temperature day or night, rain, hail or shine.

EvoHeat is the industry specialist in energy efficient pool and spa heating and cooling. Australian owned and operated, EvoHeat has more than 15 years’ experience in providing award winning tailored domestic and commercial heat pump solutions. Our exclusive Evo inverter heat pumps are the most reliable and energy efficient temperature control system available. They are exceptionally durable, utilising the latest innovations and cutting-edge components sourced from leading brand manufacturers from around the world. Engineered with our exclusive EvoTech® inverter technology, Evo heat pumps produce far more energy than they consume. They are up to 16 TIMES MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT than other methods of heating, translating to exceptionally large long-term savings. For every 1kW of electricity used, up to 16kW+ of heating is produced using an EvoTech heat pump.

EvoHeat has the largest range of pool heating technology and a solution for every pool heating or cooling requirement. Our award-winning solutions are upfront and have no hidden costs which may appear later down the track. EvoHeat provides all customers with a detailed evaluation report that outlines estimated water temperatures and running costs based on their specific pool and heating requirements. Contact EvoHeat today for your free personalised pool heat evaluation report.

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