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Safety Barriers & Fencing

In today's regulatory landscape, adhering to strict legislation and requirements governing pool fencing and gates is of paramount importance. Ensuring compliance is a multifaceted task, one that calls for expert guidance, especially given the variations in regulations from region to region. A compliant pool fence isn't just about ticking off legal obligations; it's also a pivotal component of your overall pool design, contributing to both safety and aesthetics.

The world of pool fencing offers a plethora of styles, each with its own distinct characteristics. From the sleek transparency of glass to the modern lines of rod/blade and the practicality of mesh, there's a solution to complement any pool setting. When crafting your pool area, it's vital to take into account the concept of 'non-climbable zones.' These zones encompass elements such as trees, shrubs, barbecues, and pot plants, which must be strategically positioned to ensure they don't compromise the integrity of your pool fence, thereby bolstering the safety of everyone who visits your property.


For more information about pool fencing regulations click here - Pool Fencing Rules or use the Find a Provider search function to locate a suitable SPASA member in your area for advice.

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