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Brought to you by the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia and New Zealand (SPASA), Pool & Spa exists to educate pool and spa owners and those wishing to purchase a pool or spa. We provide information on:

  • Buying a pool & spa

  • Caring for your pool & spa

  • Renovation and refurbishment

  • Getting the most out of your pool & spa

  • Ancillary products

  • Environmental efficiency

  • Pool & spa safety

  • Finding a reputable provider

The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia and New Zealand (SPASA) is the largest peak swimming pool and spa industry body in the southern hemisphere. SPASA is dedicated to the improvement of the health and happiness of the community through the promotion and growth of the pool, spa and outdoor living industries.

Our role is to educate, promote and advocate for the betterment of all members and the community.

The Association represents the entire Australian aquatic leisure industry, recognising five key pillars to ensure relevance and credibility to all members. These are:

  • Member Services – provide exclusive networking, products and services to all members

  • Research & Education – development of our professions and industry

  • Representation – advocate responsible outcomes for members and the community

  • Promotion – market members and ownership of a pool and spa

  • Corporate Support- consistent improvement ensuring an effective association

Our members improve the lives of a large percentage of everyday people by facilitating the healthy fun and wellness of swimming.

Achieving our vision requires leadership, tenacity and collaboration across the entire swimming pool and spa industry. We thank all members, sponsors, partners, committees and directors for their vision and support as we continue to drive the swimming pool and spa industry into a sound and prosperous future.

SPASA is proud to have developed Climate Care Certified. It is the pool and spa industry’s efficiency and sustainability certification program, whereby members of SPASA have their innovative products, services and installations industry Certified promoted and advocate for as environmentally sustainable.

The Institute of Research and Learning (IRLearning) is a not-for-profit training, advisory and research organisation that is a wholly owned subsidiary of SPASA. It has a variety of nationally accredited courses including Retail, Service, Construction, Business and Pool Safety Inspector courses. Our effectiveness as educators comes from our broad-based approach to education, which includes not just theory instruction but a deep understanding and involvement in the swimming pool and spa industry.

SPLASH! is our trade brand which is built on print but incorporates a wide array of digital, web and social resources to capture a total audience that engage with content in different ways. The magazine is the official publication of SPLASH! Trade Shows in Australia and New Zealand. Every edition contains important information for all levels of industry including builders, retailers, architects, tradespeople, technicians and managers.

PASCAA was formed collaboratively by Australian manufacturers and fabricators to protect consumers from sub-standard products. PASCAA wants Australian consumers to have a clear choice between a quality product and cheaper alternative versions available. PASCAA approved pool covers will:

  • deliver to consumers all that is claimed

  • have minimal environmental impact

  • withstand the harsh Australian climate as well as a volatile chemical environment for the warranty period.

PASCAA strives to alert Australian consumers to the clear choice between a quality product and cheaper alternatives. We lobby government and appropriate agencies to adopt and support the association’s minimum industry standards.

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