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Pool Maintenance Tips For Summer

Opening your pool for the swimming season

When the warmer weather is approaching, follow these simple steps to re-open your pool.

1. Remove your pool cover

Drain any water off the pool cover, being careful not to drain it back into your pool. Sweep the cover and clean thoroughly, as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and store away appropriately. Thoroughly clean the pool and vacuum the walls and floor.

2. Check the water level

Your pool must be filled to the middle of the skimmer opening to allow for proper circulation. Check fittings for leaks and replace as necessary, consult your local SPASA pool shop for advice and assistance.

3. Check your pump, skimmer basket and filter

Clean all equipment and ensure it is in working order, organise a full pool equipment service by a licensed pool and spa technician if necessary. Start the circulation system and leave running for 24-48 hours. Remove debris from the pool.

4. Take in a water sample for testing

Fill a bottle with pool or spa water at elbow depth and take to your local SPASA member for complete water analysis.

5. Test sanitiser and pH levels

You are able to test the water yourself using a home testing kit, following the advice on our <link>water quality page.

Maintaining your pool through summer

Maintaining your pool throughout summer is quite straightforward if you follow a regular maintenance cycle:

  1. Check and clean the skimmer basket and hair and lint -pot basket weekly. Do this more often if the pool is used frequently or when leaves and debris blow into the pool.

  2. Backwash any sand or DE filters and clean cartridges. The frequency of filter maintenance also depends on how often the pool is used.

  3. Check sanitiser level, ideally daily, and add sanitiser to maintain minimum levels.

  4. Check the operation of salt chlorinators or automatic systems. The more people that use the pool, the more sanitiser will be required to kill algae and bacteria.

  5. Check the pH every two or three days.

  6. Check the Total Alkalinity (TA) weekly. Adjust the total alkalinity level with a buffer (sodium bicarbonate).

  7. Check and adjust the timer to allow the filtration system to operate for six hours each day. Most people run their filtration system for three periods of two hours daily.

  8. Take a sample of pool water to your local SPASA pool shop every two to four during swimming season to make sure the water balance is correct.

  9. Salt chlorinated pools may need additional salt. The production control on the salt chlorinator may have to be adjusted to increase or decrease its output.

  10. Maintain the water level at least halfway up the skimmer box opening.

  11. Regularly inspect plumbing for leaks.

  12. To prevent algae and bacteria from growing, the walls and floor should be brushed and vacuumed at least once a week.

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