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Pool Pump & Filter Problems - Troubleshooting

Pump and filter problems


Possible Cause


Pump will not start up

No power

Plug in or turn on power

Bearings may be seized if pump has not been run for a month or more

Take to your pool shop for bearing replacement

Thermal overload switch has turned off. No water in pump

Check for reason for lack of water. Water level in pool too low? Pump lid “o” ring perished allowing air in? Wait 5 minutes and push button on pump, then turn pump on

Impellor jammed. Cannot turn pump with screwdriver at back of the shaft

Take pump to your pool shop for cleaning

Time clock faulty


Pump noisy

Bearings worn

Take pump to your pool shop to replace bearings

Pump basket does not fill with water

Pump lid “o” ring perished or lacking silicone grease 

Replace or grease

Pump basket full of leaves


Impellor is jammed

Take pump to your pool shop to be cleaned

Air leak in suction line

Get professional help

Filter pressure rises rapidly giving a short time between cleans 

Old sand or cartridge

Clean sand or cartridge with a proprietary brand Filter Cleaner. If sand is 5 years old, replace. If cartridge is feathery, replace

Sand or Cartridge scaled up

Clean with proprietary brand Filter Cleaner

Poor filtration in a salt pool

Not enough sand

Add extra sand or better replace all the sand

Reduced water flow

Check for air leaks. Clean sand with proprietary brand Filter Cleaner. Clean baskets. 

Pump running time too short

Increase running time to 8 hours per day

Air in filter

Open air release valve, if fitted, until water comes out

Channels through sand

Sand very old (more than 5 years), use Filter Aid or replace

Dead algae in pool

Too fine for sand or cartridge to filter out. Use proprietary brand clarifier or Filter Aid

Filter too small


Skimmer basket or pump basket full of leaves


Sand returning to pool

Faulty Multiport valve

Call service technician

Broken laterals in filter

Call service technician

Poor filtration in a cartridge pool

Cartridge dirty. Has scale and body fats on it

 Clean using a proprietary brand filter cleaner

Look for tears, holes or cracks 


Cartridge is passed it’s use by date


Pool Cleaner Problems


Possible Cause


Not moving (not pulsing) or moving very slowly

Stick or twig in throat or hose


Water flow control valve is open too much 

Adjust valve

Filter dirty 


Hose kinked 

Straighten or replace 

Vac plate not seated 

Re-seat. Check “o” ring

Another suction port is open e.g. main drain, or another skimmer box 

Close all other inlets

Skimmer or pump basket full


Vac hose not connected properly


Pump too small


Sole or feet worn


Cleaner sticks in corners, on pool light, on main drain or on steps

Add bump rings or strap

Change hose weights

Diaphragm torn or hammer broken


Air valve above water level


Sticks in corner or on pool light or main drain

Not set up properly 

Add bump straps, rings or step deflector. Change hose weights. Change main drain cover

Cleaner will not reach one end of the pool

Hose too short

Add extra lengths of hose

Hose has memory and curls into a tight spiral 

Lay hose out in sun, straight for a day. Do not store hose curled up

Eyeball returns pointing up to the surface

Turn eyeballs down to the floor of the pool

Air bubbles entering pool 

Normal operation 

Pool cleaners suck air from the water, normally

Control valve set too high (too much suction)

Reset control valve

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