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Pool Spa Life

A touch of drama

No need for your pool to fade away when the sun goes down. Make a feature of your investment with a dramatic lighting installation.

Pools have come a long way in recent times — where the line between house and backyard was once clear, outdoor spaces are now a valuable living and entertaining area to be  enjoyed day and night, all year round.

A comprehensive and well-designed whole-garden lighting scheme will completely transform a darkened outdoor space to produce the perfect ambience… but for pure drama, nothing beats a good lighting feature.

If you’re looking for ideas to bring your pool to life, the following lighting tips will ensure it shines from dusk till dawn.

Wrap it up with a water feature

Water and lighting make great partners when it comes to creating a scene. If your pool incorporates a feature like a water wall, fountain or water jets, you’ve got a ready-made lighting feature right there.

Combining colour, movement and the sound of cascading water immediately takes things to a whole new level. Establish a vibrant wall of colour or a soft splash of light… work with the elements you have to establish a point of visual interest and bring resort-style living home.

Highlight the pool’s architectural elements

As pool designs continue to break new boundaries and deliver exciting architectural surprises, why not showcase them?

A few well-placed light fittings at the base of an exterior wall or pool perimeter strip lighting will deliver a dramatic effect against the inky darkness of night, while showing off your unique pool design.

Make use of other structures

Don’t let gazebos, outdoor rooms or structures like shade cloths fade into the background when they can add a bit of pizazz. Create eye-catching lighting features by following rooflines or highlighting interesting design elements.

Don’t forget the garden

Utilising trees, shrubs and other plants is a great way to play with shadow and light. Lighting up branches and foliage can deliver interesting shapes and effects that will continue to  morph as the garden grows and present you with a living artwork.

Of course, lighting features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to styling your outdoor space and painting with light. There are countless ways to bring life and colour to your garden and poolside area with clever lighting designs, tips and techniques.

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