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Q: I really enjoyed our swimming pool through my first two (summer) pregnancies. Now baby number three is on the way and will arrive in winter. Is it safe for me to use our spa?

A: This is a common question from mums-to-be. A long hot soak might seem like just the ticket when your bump starts to grow and your back starts to ache, but you really need to know a few things first.

Your doctor or other healthcare professional should be your first port of call for specific advice based on your exact circumstances - and it’s likely the advice will vary for each stage. For example, a general recommendation to keep your body temperature below 39°C in the first trimester means you should either lower the water temp or give the spa a miss for the first couple of months. Your doctor can give you further information.

Cleanliness and water balance is important, so regular monitoring and maintenance is a must. Make sure the water is being tested regularly and is balanced and that chemical dosing is being done safely.  

When it comes to the later stages of your pregnancy (and your healthcare professional gives you the okay) a soak can be a great way to take a load off and unwind. Just like anyone using a spa – stay alert, keep hydrated, don’t linger too long and get out straight away if you experience nausea, dizziness or other discomfort.

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