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Q: I’ve been living at the same rental property for years and have a great relationship with my landlord – I look after the property and they leave me alone. I’m thinking of installing an above ground pool and wonder how permanent they are and if I need to get permission first?

A: Above ground pools come in a range of shapes and sizes, making them a solid option for properties where more permanent in-ground options aren’t practical. However (and this is a BIG ‘however’) you should absolutely NOT install a swimming pool without first seeking approval from the property owner or their agent. New and existing swimming pools are subject to a range of stringent requirements as specified under both state legislation and the specific council rules applicable in your area. All swimming pools need approval prior to installation and must be registered with your local government authority. You may be on good terms with your landlord now, but that may change if you barrel ahead with no consultation. It’s probably best to strike up a conversation and outline your thoughts. Who knows, they may see it as a value-add and be willing to contribute to the costs...or not…but you won’t know till you try. Good luck!

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