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Davey: Heat pump editorials

Quiet, reliable pool heating from Davey

If you’re thinking about how nice it would be to step into a perfectly warm pool that’s at just the right temperature whenever you want to swim, you probably already know that a heat pump is a good value, reliable option. Davey’s new heat pumps for residential pools offer the perfect combination of simplicity, Wi-Fi connectivity, excellent value and super quiet operation.

The new pumps are available in 9kW, 13 kW, 17.5kW and 21kW sizes, are designed to be highly efficient and extremely quiet.

Davey’s Product Manager, Tori Caskiesays the pumps are so quiet you will barely notice them running.

“No one wants to hear a noisy pump chugging away while they’re trying to enjoy the sanctuary of their pool. Our new heat pumps are super quiet, rated down to 40dBa. That’s the kind of sound level you’d usually find in a library,” he says.

The pumps are also simple to use and set up.

“Families want their pools to be set and forget as much as possible, and that includes their heating. This new product comes with a simple touch controller and Wi-Fi integration which allows control from an iOS or Android phone.

The pumps operate in ambient temperatures down to -10°C for warm pools even on chilly days and offer industry leading efficiency plus reverse cycle defrosting.

“These pumps are designed with a twisted titanium heat exchanger, which is 40% more efficient than a regular titanium exchanger. The system is powered by a Mitsubishi DC twin-rotary compressor in a hardy and weather safe aluminium alloy casing.”

Models available:

  • DHP90 - 9kW

  • DHP130 - 13 kW

  • NEW DHP170 - 17.5kW

  • NEW DHP210 - 21kW

To find out more, visit their website.

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