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Ideas for Integrating Landscaping with Your Above Ground Spa

Buying a spa is about more than just having a lovely place to have a dip whenever you like. That alone is great, but buying an above-ground spa also gives you the chance to remodel the surrounding area into a serene environment; opening up a huge array of possibilities for outdoor landscape design. Using it to create a space that is conducive to peak relaxation is one of the most valuable aspects of spa ownership. If you’re looking for ideas on what to do for your space, read on!

Create a Spa Garden Oasis

Transforming the area around your above-ground spa into a garden oasis can create a sense of tranquillity that’ll make you never want to leave the house. Here's how you can cultivate your own verdant sanctuary:

Choose a Variety of Plants and Foliage

Surround your spa with a variety of greenery to create a lush, vibrant setting. Opt for a mix of evergreens, ornamental grasses, and flowering plants for a splash of colour. For a tropical vibe, consider plants like ferns, palms, or even birds of paradise if your climate allows it.

Incorporate Water Features

The addition of water features can contribute to a serene atmosphere, making your garden oasis even more inviting. A small fountain, for example, not only adds visual interest but the sound of trickling water can be incredibly soothing. A pond filled with water lilies or a stream meandering through the garden could be other great additions.

Utilise Natural Materials

When creating your garden oasis, consider using natural materials such as wood and stone. A wooden deck or stone path leading to the spa can give the space a grounded, earthy feel. Stone or pebble borders around your plants can also add to the natural aesthetic.

Accessorise for Added Comfort

Lastly, add elements of comfort and convenience. This might include plush outdoor cushions around the spa’s edge, a few side tables for drinks and snacks, or even a hammock nearby for those post-spa relaxation moments.

With thoughtful planning and design, you can create a space that encourages relaxation, contemplation, and a closer connection with nature.

Design a Zen Retreat

Immersing your above-ground spa into a Zen-inspired landscape can transform your backyard into a calming retreat, an escape from the daily hustle and bustle. By using elements of Zen design, you can create an environment that promotes peace and tranquillity.

Embrace Simplicity

The key to Zen design is simplicity and balance. Opt for a minimalist approach with clean lines and natural elements. Use a modest array of plants like bamboo or ornamental grasses that evoke a sense of calm.

Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand

Elements such as rocks, pebbles, and sand are common in Zen gardens. You could include a small rock garden or a 'dry landscape', known as Karesansui, that uses rocks and sand to symbolise water bodies like rivers or seas.

Include a Meditative Space

Adding a garden seat or bench can provide a spot for relaxation or meditation. Nestled among the calming elements of your Zen retreat, it’s the perfect place to unwind before or after a soak in your spa or pool.

A Zen retreat is about evoking tranquillity and calm, allowing you to soak in an environment that aids relaxation and mindfulness. Why wouldn’t you want to incorporate that into your space?

Establish a Beachfront Escape

Who doesn't love a day at the beach? With a bit of creativity, you can evoke the sensation of a seaside holiday right in your backyard, creating a beachfront escape around your above-ground spa.

A Coastal Vibe with the Right Materials

Start by choosing materials that echo a beach setting. A base of fine sand around your spa, for example, can instantly transport you to a coastal environment. Complement this with beach grass, shells, and driftwood accents for a truly beachy feel.

Wooden Deck for a Boardwalk Feel

A wooden deck that connects to your spa can mimic the feeling of a boardwalk and provide a clean and sand-free platform for dipping in and out of. A deck also offers space for loungers or an outdoor dining set, perfect for enjoying those balmy summer nights.

Coastal Plant Selection

Consider adding plants that are often found in coastal areas. Grasses like marram or sand sedge, or flowering plants like sea lavender or beach daisy, can add authentic touches to your beachfront escape.

Build a Rustic Hideaway

If you're a fan of the cosy, inviting vibes of rustic design, consider creating a rustic hideaway around your above-ground spa. This look is characterised by warmth and charm, and it can make your spa area feel like a secluded cabin retreat.

Use of Natural Elements

Natural materials like wood and stone are key elements in rustic design. You might create a wooden deck around your spa, or use stone to create a pathway or boundary. The idea is to emulate the raw beauty of nature.

Add a Fire Feature

The addition of a fire feature such as a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace can provide a focal point and a source of warmth for those chilly evenings. Imagine the pleasure of soaking in your spa while watching the flames dance in the fire pit nearby.

Incorporate Comforting Accessories

To further enhance the rustic charm, consider adding a wooden barrel table or comfortable outdoor furniture adorned with warm, plush textiles. Hanging lanterns or fairy lights can create a magical ambience during the evening hours.

Add the Finishing Touches

Once you've chosen a theme for your spa's landscape, adding the finishing touches can take your space up that extra notch. These details enhance the aesthetic appeal and contribute to a more enjoyable and comfortable spa time.

Consider Lighting

The right lighting can really set the mood. Soft, warm lights can bring a cosy glow to a rustic setting, while cool, bright lights can emphasise the clean lines of a minimalist spa area. Solar-powered or LED lights can be both energy-efficient and stylish.

Include Outdoor Art

Outdoor art can add a unique touch to your spa area. This could be a rustic metal sculpture for your hideaway, a wind chime for your Zen retreat, or beach-themed wall art for your coastal escape. Choose something that speaks to your personal style and fits with the chosen theme.

Don't Forget Comfort

Finally, consider aspects of comfort like heated towel racks or spa covers. You could even include a small outdoor bar or cooler nearby for refreshments, or perhaps a storage box for towels and spa accessories.

Creating a beautiful space to relax in around your spa makes the whole experience and purchase all the more worthwhile. If you’d like some more inspiration for how to integrate your spa with your home, get down to the Pool and Spa Expo!

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