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More TV series segment partners announced

We are thrilled to announce three new exciting segment partnerships for the upcoming Poolside, Spa & Garden Australia TV series, with some of country's most experienced and innovative pool builders coming on board to showcase their expertise.

PJ Pools

Melbourne-based, multi-generational PJ Pools is celebrating 50 years in business. With over 3000 successful projects under its belt, the company is helmed by Peter Zukowski, who is looking forward to a successful collaboration.

"PJ Pools and Spas is excited to be a part of Poolside, Spa & Garden. This partnership will give consumers access to over 100 years of pool building experience from our industry leading experts," Peter said.

The team is no stranger to the Australian media landscape, with Peter’s son Matt Zukowski offering assistance and advice on The Block back in 2021. Matt is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with Poolside, Spa & Garden viewers, helping them make their dreams a reality.

Freedom Pools

WA-based Freedom Pools has a long local history with founder, Bob Biernat, a pioneer of fibreglass pool manufacturing in Australia in Australia.  Founding the business in 1974 with wife Rona, he kicked-started 50 years of success and the company now has manufacturing facilities in Perth, Adelaide and Queensland.

General Manager, Grant Craig says it’s the perfect time for TV, allowing the team to showcase the benefits of fibreglass pools to a broad audience.

"As we celebrate Freedom Pool’s 50th year in business, we are thrilled to share our journey and expertise on Poolside, Spa & Garden Australia. 

“Being a part of this show gives us the opportunity to show viewers how fibreglass pools are manufactured and the cutting-edge technologies that make them a smart investment.  We’ve manufactured and installed thousands of pools and are committed to transforming many more backyards,” Grant said.

Aquatic Leisure Technologies

WA fibreglass manufacturer Aqua Technics is headed for a golden anniversary as well, having been founded in 1976.

The business has invested heavily in research and development, with a strong focus on technology and innovation. Lynley Papineau joined the family business in 1994 and took over from her dad as managing director in 2017. She is looking forward to the exposure Poolside, Spa & Gardens will deliver and to what the audience will take away from the show.

“The pool has now become so much more to the family and is really an extension of the home from inside to out. Poolside, Spa & Gardens gives us the opportunity to provide ideas and inspiration through the stories of our customers who have created their dream pool and outdoor living space,” Lynley said.  

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