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“You never regret a swim”, as the saying goes. That’s because nothing beats the feeling of diving into a pool on a hot summer’s day... or night. It’s probably at least part of the reason you decided to invest in a swimming pool in the first place, but sheer pleasure is only one of the benefits that a daily swim delivers.

Physical benefits

Health professionals consistently sing the praises of swimming as a whole-body resistance workout that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It’s great exercise during pregnancy and for those who are overweight; and those suffering asthma, arthritis, injury and many other debilitating conditions.

A fantastic way to improve fitness, build endurance and increase muscle strength, swimming offers a better cardiovascular workout than running. A few laps will keep the heart rate high and burn more calories thanks to greater resistance, without the damaging impact stresses that come with land-based alternatives.

Studies show that swimming helps improve flexibility, coordination, balance and posture, and can even help you sleep better.

The feel-good factor

Swimming is a truly relaxing and peaceful form of exercise, once you give in to the rhythm. As anyone who's spent time ‘following the black line’ can tell you, there’s a meditative quality to swimming laps that few other exercise forms provide.

Beyond the physical, it’s a fantastic mood enhancer and a great way to alleviate stress. Provided you can float or swim — and feel safe and secure in the water — it's pretty hard to feel tense in a pool.

It gets the kids off their screens and out of the house, tiring them out by providing exercise under the guise of fun.

Where you like, when you like, as you like

There’s no timetable for swimming, you can do it alone or with others, at your own pace and at a variety of locations including your own home. It’s affordable and available year-round. As a physical activity it ticks a whole lot of boxes, more than most forms of exercise or leisure. No wonder it consistently ranks in the top three physical activities for Australians.

Of course, as a pool owner you already know about the benefits — maybe it’s time to spread the word.

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