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Should we build in winter?

Ask the expert

Q: Is winter a good time to install a pool?

A: In a word, yes. Not surprisingly, most people think about swimming as the weather starts to warm up. Springtime can be pretty busy for pool designers and builders – summer even more so.

Depending on where you are located, the cooler weather often signals a slowdown for many of the outdoor trades that you are likely to need including builders, tilers, landscapers and fencers. If they aren’t using that time for a well-deserved break, there’s every chance they’ll have greater availability than at other times of the year, making coordinating trades much easier. Opting to build a pool in the cooler months should give you a reasonable amount of flexibility when it comes to the installation schedule and probably also allow extra time if needed for unforeseen issues like weather-related delays or supply issues. Your builder and other contractors won’t be as pushed for time, trying to juggle multiple projects at once in the mad rush toward Christmas.

Getting the work done in winter means you’ll also be ready to dive right in when the weather starts to warm, giving you a nice long swim season ahead. That extra bit of time also allows planting and landscaping the chance to grow in, so your outdoor area looks perfect come summer.

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