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Streak free glass fencing

Glass fencing is a popular choice for swimming pool enclosures. A less obstructive option than some other materials, glass can make your poolside area look bigger and help create a seamless link between the pool and the rest of the backyard and other entertainment areas.

Clean glass is one thing, but streaky or dirty glass can detract from the whole view, pulling your eye in to focus on the wrong element entirely. Keeping glass squeaky clean needn’t be a full-time job, so here’s some tips to get streaky free fencing with a minimum of fuss.

  • If you opted to apply a protective coating to your glass fencing, it has probably already made life a little easier. Protective finishes can substantially reduce the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do – up to 90% according to some manufacturers. They are also designed to repel water which means you don’t have to wipe or squeegee them down once you’ve cleaned. A bit more expensive at the outset, protective coatings reduce damage and staining from chemicals and minerals in the pool water, so they should pay for themselves in the long run. Some manufacturers guarantee their product for a specific number of years, while others offer a lifetime warranty.

  • Don’t get too caught up thinking you need to invest in expensive specialist glass cleaning products. Some of the best results can be achieved using simple detergent or a mix of vinegar and water, depending on how long it’s been between cleans and what type of dirt and stains you’re dealing with.

  • To start, give both sides of the fence a thorough hose to remove dry dirt, dust and cobwebs. Add some detergent – dishwashing liquid is fine – to warm water and use a soft, non-abrasive cloth or sponge to wipe down both sides of the glass, keeping an eye out for problem areas, like sap stains from trees. Once done, hose down both sides again.

  • If you’re glass is coated with a protective finish, you can probably just leave to air-dry. If not, use a squeegee or a clean, dry, lint-free cloth (microfibre works well) to dry both sides of the glass.

  • For a truly streak-free finish, go old school and get your hands on some newspaper – which may be a big ask in today’s digital world. An age-old remedy, the black-and-white pages (not colour) of the paper make an amazing glass cleaner, you might want to wear gloves to avoid the print transferring to your hands.

  • Some pool water chemicals or minerals can leave longer-lasting marks or stubborn stains that need a different approach. If detergent doesn’t do the trick, try a half/half mix of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Use newspaper as described above to really attack the stains.

  • Regular upkeep is the best way to avoid stubborn stains forming in the first place, so try to clean as you go. That means hosing down the glass after a day of splashing, to help reduce the effects of chemical and mineral contact. Remove plant gum, sap, and bird or other animal droppings as soon as possible to avoid permanent marking or staining.

  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners or scourers – even those that claim to be designed for glass – as they can do more damage than good and may void your warranty on protective glass finishes or coatings. If you do have a coating applied, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for best results.

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