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Accessorising A Portable Spa

If you own a portable spa, you know how much fun and relaxation you can have in it. Still, there’s always room for improvement. If you’re looking to level up your portable spa experience, look no further than this guide to the must-have accessories that will make your portable spa the most happening spot on the block. Crank the fun all the way to eleven with our accessory recommendations, then make sure everybody can join in with some of our recommendations for portable spa adjustments to enhance accessibility.

Portable Spa Towel Bar

If you’re going to get wet, you’re going to need a towel. If you’re going to need a towel, you’re going to want it somewhere convenient. That’s where you need to think about getting a towel bar! This way you can have your drying device within reach, without getting wet itself. This is particularly important in the winter months because the spa will keep you so toasty that you won’t want to spend much time in the chilly air. Having a towel ready to go means you can rug up for the short trip inside.

Portable Spa Cover Lift

Your portable outdoor spa cover is important, because it keeps heat and water safely inside, and debris and creepy crawlies safely out. They can be a pain to maneuver, though, and that’s where a cover lift comes in. The best part of a lot of these is that they actually come with towel bars built in! Two accessories for the price of one. Not only does it mean you can get into your portable spa bath faster than ever, but you can get dry when you need to. 

A Smart Bar For Your Portable Spa

It doesn’t get much more fun than this. Smart bars are so great to have in your portable spa with you because you can hold to all of your other non-spa related accessories at the same time. Pop your keys, wallet, and phone in the smart drawer, then keep your drinks on the slip-resistant bar. Most of these come with the option of making them a permanent feature, or easy removability. Versatile and functional!

Portable Spa Caddy

These are pretty similar to a smart bar, but minus the smart drawer. The lack of waterproofing might make things a little more dangerous for your phone (just put it somewhere else!), but there’s still a lot of space on a caddy for your food, drinks and less water-threatened items. Most of these accessories are easily mounted on your portable spa, and they can swing for easy access to different parts of the spa.

Portable Spa Umbrella

Who says you can’t enjoy a spa in the rain? There’s nothing like experiencing the warm, bubbly water on your body while cold drizzle falls around outside. A portable spa umbrella can make this a reality for you very quickly, and give you a lot of use out of your spa in the winter months. It’s great for the rain, it’s really stylish, and of course, it’s useful in the summer as well. Protect yourself against all weather conditions with a portable spa umbrella.

Steps & Rails For You Portable Spa

You can only maximise the enjoyment of your portable spa if you can ensure that everyone is able to use it. If there are people in your life who would benefit from accessibility accessories like steps and handrails, you should get them installed. Steps are great for children, as well as older folks who aren’t tall or nimble enough to clamber over the edge of the portable spa and into the relaxing, warm water. A toasty spa can do wonders for aching bones and muscles, so to deprive someone of that opportunity would be a waste. Give them the extra safety and support of getting into the portable spa with a set of steps. Provide them with the same level of safety and support getting out of the spa with a handrail. Any swim area is a danger zone for slips and falls, and they can be prevented to some extent with the addition of a handrail. Rust-proof, powder-coated options are available, so you needn’t worry about too much upkeep.

Where Can I Learn More About Portable Spas?

Consult the Pool & Spa Life guide to portable spa buying here. Any portable spa is an investment that likely merits some forethought. Consult a professional to help you with this decision. Consult the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia and New Zealand.  Contact details for your local member are on our ‘Find a provider’ tab.

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