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Best Add-Ons For An Inground Spa

So you’ve got an inground spa, congratulations! We hope that you’re enjoying the unparalleled comfort and relaxation that comes with having your very own warm, bubbly place to spend a calm and quiet evening. The whole process of getting an inground spa is a lot of fun - choosing a design, a colour, a size. The customisation doesn’t have to end there, though! There is so much that can be done to continue improving your inground spa experience. Whether you’re the owner of an inground swim spa, an inground hot tub, or an inground spa pool, you’re going to be able to make ample use of these additions. Any or all of them will make your inground spa an even cooler place to chill out after a long day or week at work. Read on to discover seven of the best add-ons for an inground spa. 

Water Features For Your Inground Spa

A breathtaking water feature will have your guests' jaws hitting the floor when they see your stunning inground spa set-up. A huge array of water feature styles for inground spas exist, and the most popular options include waterfalls and fountains. Both of those options can look particularly impressive when they’re combined with inground spa lights. You can have jets of water cascading into the pool, each one lit by a different coloured LED. A waterfall offers you the calming, soothing sound of flowing water, to increase the quality of your relaxation. You’ll feel as though you’re laying back in a tranquil hot spring, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. LED jets, on the other hand, offer something of a party vibe. If you like to use your inground spa as an entertaining space, that might well be the option for you. 

Inground Spa Covers

A spa cover is hugely important for the safety and hygiene of your inground spa. They can help you save water, save energy, and therefore, save money. An inground spa cover will prevent the evaporation of excess water, meaning you won’t churn through quite as much of that precious resource. By trapping in the heat, your inground spa won’t have to produce warmth quite so relentlessly. Both of these savings reduce energy and water costs, leaving you with more money in your pocket! Best of all, you can get inground spa covers that look awesome, so they can add to the aesthetic of your entire inground spa environment. 

Robotic Inground Spa Cleaner

An inground swim spa is relatively easy to perform maintenance on, but why do it if you can get a robot to do it for you? Look into purchasing a robotic inground spa cleaner, and you will hardly have to worry about keeping your inground spa tidy again. Many robotic spa cleaners can be set on timers and routines so that it hardly ever has to cross your mind whether or not your inground hot tub is going to be in perfect condition for the guests you have coming over! You just kick back, relax, and let the robot do the work.

Mineral Salts For Inground Spas

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of relaxing in a mineral spa, you know just how rejuvenating the process can be. The minerals seep into your sore and tired muscles, loosening them up and, later, giving you one of the best sleeps you’ll ever have. There are all manner of products on the market designed to replicate the effects of a mineral spa in the comfort of your very own backyard. Follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll soon find yourself floating in your personal, therapeutic, mineral inground spa. 

Lighting For Inground Spas

You can turn your inground spa into a happening night spot with the addition of some lighting! Whether you want to highlight certain features or set the entire inground spa aglow, there is an inground spa lighting product available for you. Adding lights to your inground spa can make the experience both safer and more exciting. You’ll be able to relax long into the early hours of the morning without losing sight of your nearby drinks, snacks, and fellow spa-goers.

Where Can I Learn More About Inground Spas?

Consult the Pool & Spa Life guide to inground spa buying here. Any add-on to an inground spa is an investment that likely merits some forethought. Consult a professional to help you with this decision. Consult the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia and New Zealand.  Contact details for your local member are on our ‘Find a provider’ tab.

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