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Swim Spa Installation: What to Expect and How to Prepare

They say preparation is key, which couldn’t be more true regarding swim spa installation. Whether you’re just starting to think about buying a swim spa, or if you’re in the latter stages of the process and just about ready to go for it, it’s only natural to want to have a solid understanding of the installation process before parting with your hard-earned cash. In this post, we aim to explain some of the key considerations to make around swim spa installation both before and after you’ve bought the spa itself.

Understanding Swim Spas

What is a Swim Spa?

Given that you’re reading an article about swim spa installation, we’ll assume most people reading this are already familiar with what a swim spa is. But for the uninitiated, it's a bit like a cross between a swimming pool and a hot tub. Smaller than a traditional pool, yet larger than a standard spa, a swim spa provides a space where you can swim against a continuous water current, or kick back and enjoy a relaxing hydrotherapy session.

Benefits of a Swim Spa

Now, you might be asking yourself, "Why should I consider a swim spa?" Fair question, and we've got a few answers for you.

  1. The compact nature of swim spas makes them perfect for Aussie homes where space might be limited, but the desire for a water feature is strong. If you've got a smaller backyard, a swim spa can be just the ticket.

  2. Swim spas offer the best of both worlds: fitness and relaxation. The adjustable current allows you to have a solid swimming workout without having to do laps. You can swim 'on the spot', if you will. Then, when you're ready to wind down, you can ease your muscles with a therapeutic spa experience.

  3. A swim spa can be used year-round, irrespective of the Aussie seasons. Whether you're enduring a classic Melbourne winter or soaking up the summer heat in Darwin, a swim spa provides the perfect environment to relax, exercise, or cool down.

  4. Swim spas require less water and are easier to maintain than traditional swimming pools. This is a real bonus for us Australians, as we're all about being water-wise.

Preparation Before Installation

A bit of preparation goes a very long way, and spa installations are no different. Here are some key preparations to consider before the big day.

Site Selection

The first step in the installation process is choosing an appropriate location for your swim spa. This isn't a decision to be taken lightly, as the chosen spot needs to meet several important criteria. It should be easily accessible, near a power supply, and on stable, level ground. Keep in mind the view you'll have while in the swim spa, as well as how the location fits into your overall landscape design. Privacy can also be an important consideration as well.

Ground Preparation

Just as important as site selection is preparing the ground where the swim spa will sit. This will typically involve levelling the area and providing a solid base for the swim spa. Options for a solid base can include a concrete slab, reinforced decking, or even specially designed spa pads. Each base type has its own pros and cons, so it's crucial to discuss these options with your swim spa provider to find the most suitable solution.

Access Considerations

Swim spas are big units, which makes access another key consideration. You'll need to ensure there's a clear path for the delivery of your swim spa from the street to the installation site. This may involve measuring gates, doorways, and pathways to ensure they're wide enough.

Electrical Requirements

Lastly, there are the electrical requirements. Swim spas need an electrical connection to power the pumps, heater, and other features. As such, you'll need to plan for a qualified electrician to set up a dedicated circuit with the correct amperage. It's always advised to consult with your swim spa provider about the specific electrical needs of your chosen model before installation.

Swim Spa Installation Process

Delivery and Placement

The big day has arrived – your swim spa is on its way! Delivery is typically handled by professionals who understand the intricacies involved in moving such large units. They'll use specialist equipment to move the swim spa from the delivery vehicle to the pre-prepared installation site.

You can expect this process to be carefully managed to avoid any damage to your property or the swim spa. However, it's important to note that any additional requirements, such as crane hire for particularly tricky access issues, will need to be arranged in advance.

Electrical Connection and Filling

Once your swim spa is in place, the next step is connecting it to the power supply. This should always be carried out by a licensed electrician to ensure safety and compliance with Australian standards. Once the power is hooked up, you'll fill the swim spa with water. Your swim spa provider will be able to guide you on the best water source, filling process, and initial chemical treatment to get the water ready for use.

System Setup and Testing

With the swim spa filled and powered, it's time to set up the system. This involves programming the various settings to suit your preferences, such as adjusting the water temperature and current strength. Once everything is set up, you'll run the system through a full test cycle to ensure everything is working correctly. This is also a great time to familiarise yourself with the various controls and features of your swim spa.

At this point, your swim spa is ready to use. But the journey doesn't stop here. In the next section, we'll discuss some post-installation tips to help you make the most of your new swim spa.

Post-Installation: Making the Most of Your Swim Spa

Maintenance Tips

Keeping your swim spa in top shape is a straightforward process. Regular checks of the water chemistry, cleaning filters, and running system checks are key tasks. Remember, consistent maintenance not only keeps your swim spa looking great, it also prolongs its lifespan.

Customisation and Personalisation Ideas

Your swim spa is now ready for you to make it truly your own. Consider adding accessories like swim tethers for exercise, waterproof speakers for entertainment, or LED lights for ambience. Maybe even spruce up the surroundings with some strategic landscaping. With a bit of creativity, your swim spa area can become your favourite spot at home.

For more information on spa installation as well as a huge collection of tips and tricks with swim spas, check out the rest of the Pool Spa Life website. And if you have any further questions about setting up your swim spa, contact us today!

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