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Tech troubleshooting – heat pumps

Like everything else, pool ownership involves a fair bit of tech these days, and it might not always run smoothly. There’s often a simple solution to what looks like a complex problem and that’s where we can help. Before you tear your hair out, we’ll run through some common issues, possible causes and potential fixes for pool equipment problems. This issue’s tech troubleshooting topic is…heat pumps.

Many pool owners across ANZ use a heat pump to heat pool water. These devices use a heat transfer principle, drawing heat from surrounding air and using a heat exchanger to warm water as it flows through the pump and back out into the pool. It’s a great bit of technology that can add weeks or months to your swimming season but, sometimes things may go wrong, so we take a look at some common issues and potential causes below. Be sure to consult a qualified electrician if necessary.

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