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Want to be swimming by Christmas?

Autumn is an ideal time to start preparing for a new pool, ensuring you’re ready to dive in by the time summer rolls around. If you’re dreaming of next Christmas lounging around the pool, then get cracking now.

Autumn is an ideal time to start preparing for a new pool, ensuring you’re ready to dive in by the time summer rolls around. If you’re dreaming of next Christmas lounging around the pool, then get cracking now.

Research and planning

Start with the basics – take a look at different types of pool designs, materials and features to find a solution that best fits your space, budget and lifestyle. Consider factors such as size, shape, materials, and additional amenities like heating, lighting, and landscaping. Speak with a SPASA member pool builder and visit a display centre to explore options. Check out the Find a Provider section on this website to find SPASA members in your area, or visit www.poolquotes.com.au, answer a few simple questions and you’ll get three quotes from builders who are ready and waiting to take on your project.

Understand permits and approvals

Get across the local regulations. It helps to understand the building and approvals process and all the requirements for pool installation – including fencing – specific to your area. Of course, your pool builder will assist with this but, the more you know, the fewer surprises you’ll face. Approvals and inspections processes can take time and throw the odd curve ball on occasion, so start early and avoid issues.  

Finalising design and contracts

Once you've finalised your pool design and decided on a builder, firm up the details of the project, including timelines, costs and contracts. Ensure that all terms and conditions are clearly outlined to avoid any misunderstandings. Don’t forget to thoroughly review warranty information and payment schedules before signing on the dotted line.

Arrange financing

Arrange financing for your pool project if required, ensuring that you have the necessary funds available to cover costs throughout the construction process and can meet the payment schedule outlined in your contract. Explore financing options such as personal loans, home equity loans, or lines of credit, and secure approval before construction begins.

Site preparation

Prepare the site for pool installation by clearing away any obstacles, excess vegetation or debris. Ensure that the area is accessible for construction equipment and that there are no underground utilities or obstructions that could interfere with the installation process. Discuss any necessary site preparation with your builder. Depending on your site, some builds require access via a neighbour’s property, so be sure to have those conversations nice and early and be prepared for additional costs if they aren’t willing to help.

Materials and equipment

Check with your builder that everything in hand and orders are placed for materials, equipment and accessories to ensure timely delivery and availability as per your agreed schedule. This includes everything as outlined in your contract including things like fibreglass pool shells, filtration systems, pumps, heaters, lighting, tiles, pavers, coping and any other components needed for the project. You’ll need to make decisions as you move the process, so it’s good to have some firm ideas on aesthetic choices like tiles and pavers, rather than leaving it till the last minute. Delivery dates need to be effectively managed to avoid construction delays, so you don’t want to be responsible for ruining your own project timelines.

Schedule construction

Speaking of timelines, talk to your builder about the construction schedule, factoring in weather conditions and covering contingency plans if there are unforeseen delays or supply issues. Be clear about who is managing and coordinating any other trades required on site. Don’t assume that your builder is taking the lead without having a clear conversation about roles and responsibilities. Plent of building projects have gone off the rails for less, so work this out early.

Prepare for landscaping

There’s no getting around it, your backyard will be a building site until installation is complete…and for little while after. Think about landscaping options to enhance the aesthetics of your pool area and create a functional outdoor space. Plan for features such as decking, paving, plants, trees, and fencing to complement your pool design and meet your lifestyle needs. Start preparing the landscaping area to coincide with pool construction if you want to be ready for summer.

Stay informed and communicate

Above everything, it’s important to maintain open communication with your builder. This will help you stay informed on progress and allow you to promptly address concerns or ask questions, ensuring the project stays on track and meets your expectations. If you’re living off-site, regular updates and site visits will keep you involved in the process and allow you to make quick decisions when needed.

Plan for maintenance and safety

Start planning for pool maintenance and safety measures to ensure that your pool is ready for use once it's completed. Purchase necessary maintenance equipment including skimmers brushes and cleaners, and familiarise yourself with proper maintenance procedures including chemicals handling and storage. Make sure that fencing, gates, closures and signage are compliant with local regulations, and think about additional measures like covers and alarms to prevent accidents.

Proper planning in autumn will ensure that your pool is installed and ready to swim in by the time summer arrives. Start early, stay organised, and work closely with your builder to make your pool dream a reality in time for the summer season ahead.

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