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When to Renovate Your Pool?

There are several reasons to renovate your pool. For one, you might be looking to update the look of your pool to make it look fresh. Secondly, you might be getting ready to build your dream home and want to consider moving the pool location to accommodate the new home design. Or, the filtration system has gotten so filthy that your pool is 1 species away from being declared a wetland. 

It's important to keep your pool in tip-top shape. But how do you know when it's time for a renovation?

Like anything else in life, timing is everything. That's why we have compiled a list of pool renovation signs to help you identify when the time is right for a pool renovation.

Your Pool is Energy Inefficient

If your pool is starting to rack up the energy bill, it might be time for a renovation. Newer pool models are designed with energy efficiency in mind. By renovating your pool, you can take advantage of the latest in energy-saving pool technology.

The most obvious way to save on electricity costs is by installing solar panels but that can be quite costly. The best way you can increase your pool's energy efficiency today is by installing a new pool pump

Pool pumps come in single-speed, three-speed and variable-speed. Single-speed is self-explanatory, it runs at the same speed all day. Three-speed and variable-speed pumps are a lot more energy efficient because they run at different speeds throughout the day.

Your Pool Is Outdated

If your pool looks like it’s from a bygone era, then it might be time for an update. Pools go in and out of style just like mullets and moustaches. If you feel like your pool is stuck in a time warp, then it might be time to renovate and bring it into the 21st century.

Modern-day pools are elegantly and minimally designed, with all the bells and whistles that today’s technology provides. If your pool is kidney-bean-shaped or has artificial rock features, it may be time for an update. Similarly, if the sound of your pool pump wakes you up in the morning then a variable-speed pool pump

will bring your pool up to speed.

Your Pool Is Cracking Up

And not in a funny way. If your pool starts to show cracks, then it’s definitely time for a renovation. Cracks in your pool can lead to costly repairs down the road if left unattended. By renovating your pool now, you can avoid expensive repair bills in the future.

Your Pool Needs New Equipment

If your pool equipment is starting to break down or become outdated, then it might be time for a pool renovation. By upgrading to new equipment, you can ensure that your pool is running at peak efficiency. Plus, new equipment can add additional features and benefits that your old equipment might not have had.

Your Pool Hurts Your Feet

If you’ve been noticing that your feet are starting to hurt after a dip in the pool, it might be time to renovate. Older pools can often be the culprit of painful feet due to the rough surface of the pool. By renovating your pool, you can smooth out the surface and make it more comfortable for your feet.

Your Pool Has Plumbing Issues

If your pool is starting to experience plumbing issues, it’s time for a renovation. Plumbing problems can often be fixed with a simple repair. But if the issue is more serious, then a pool renovation might be needed to fix the problem.

Your Pool is too Cold

If your pool is starting to feel more like an ice bath than a refreshing oasis, then it might be time for a renovation. By renovating your pool, you can add an electric heat pump to keep the water at a comfortable temperature.

Alternatively, you can use solar heating. The specific details of the kind of solar system you choose may differ, but the general principles are the same. A solar collector absorbs heat from sunlight and heats up water which then flows back into the swimming pool.

Time to Renovate

So there you have it! These are just a few signs that it might be time to renovate your pool. If you’re noticing any of these signs, then it might be time to call the professionals at Pool Spa Life and get started on your pool renovation project.

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