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Every homeowner that has been through the building process can tell you there’s a lot to think about. Type and size of pool finishes and fittings, equipment choices, fencing regulations, maintenance considerations and more. That’s why the industry relies heavily on reputation and word-of-mouth referral, because no-one will ‘tell it like it is’ better than someone who has lived through the experience.

If you’re deciding a pool might be for you, here’s some of the big questions answered.

Q what are the most important things to consider before building or installing a pool?

A A pool is a big investment, so you shouldn’t rush any decisions. Before you kick off the project, there are a number of key considerations across a few areas.

Only work with the best

Without a doubt, choosing a builder is the single most important decision you will make, because it has the potential to make or break your project. If possible, speak with friends or family who have been through the process. Not only can they provide a referral, they’ll also be a great source of information on the practicalities and issues common to construction projects.

Before engaging a builder, make sure they have the required licensing and insurances. All SPASA members have a proven track record in successful ethical trading and maintain the requisite knowledge and expertise to bring your project to life. Bound by a strict association code of ethics, our members are committed to delivering all goods and services to an established industry standard and with the highest levels of professionalism. Our pool builder members are the only builders with access to SPASA Contract documents — developed to comply with relevant state and federal legislation, ensuring you are receiving the utmost levels of consumer protection.

Think about your Lifestyle

The way you intend to use your pool has design and construction ramifications. Whether for relaxation, entertaining friends and family or for rehabilitation, exercise and therapy purposes, proposed usage will help determine size, depth, additional equipment requirements, landscaping, heating and water treatment suitability.

Material choices

Construction type is a big decision, with the main options being concrete, fibreglass or composite/vinyl-lined (both above-ground and in-ground varieties). That initial choice will also determine other design options like interior finish, tiling, coping, paving or decking.

Construction requirements will vary for each, as will completion time frames. Your budget will assist in narrowing down the options, so it’s a good idea to have a general number in mind before the process begins. There’s no point in falling for a top-of-the-range pool with all the bells and whistles if it is well out of your price range.

Handle with care

There is no such thing as a maintenance-free pool or spa, but there are a huge number of available products designed to simplify upkeep and maintenance. Robotic cleaners and automatic chemical dosing systems can relieve some of the burden, freeing up your time. Think about how much (or little) available time and desire you have for regular maintenance activities and plan your designs with that in mind.

Be on the Safe Side

Pool safety barriers are required by legislation, so you’ll need to ensure that your local requirements are met. That doesn’t mean your pool or spa has to look like Fort Knox, as there are many options available today that seamlessly blend with the landscape while still providing a safe space for children and adults alike.

Q what are current pool design trends and will they go out of fashion?

A Building or installing a swimming pool or spa is an inherently long-term decision, and you’ll be living with today’s choices for many years. Technology advances are delivering improvements across a range of areas, creating and fostering trends in swimming pool design and construction.

Sustainability — As climate concerns continue to build, sustainability has become a fundamental issue in swimming pool and spa construction and ownership. New products and equipment are continually developed that enable smarter use of energy, water and time.

Blurring the lines — Closer, more focused incorporation of interior and exterior living spaces is creating a luxury feel while delivering additional value. Seeing the pool and surrounding areas as a natural extension of the home delivers an atmosphere purpose- built for enjoyment that is perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Small pools — Shrinking land package sizes has seen huge uptake in plunge pools, lap pools and spas.

Infinite colour choices — Traditional blue is giving way to edgier, more dramatic design colour choices like white, grey, black, jade green or even red. Creating a visual link between the inside and outside is bringing bolder options to the pool space and surrounds.

Q what distinguishes a good pool from a bad one?

A We might be a little biased, but we think winning an award is a pretty good indicator. The annual SPASA Awards of Excellence are the pool and spa industry’s most prestigious accolades, attracting entries from across Australia and showcasing the highest achievements in design, construction, supply and after-sales care. The full list of winners can be viewed on our website www.spasa.com.au.

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