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Q: Can I leave my robotic cleaner in the pool?

A: Theoretically, yes, but you really shouldn’t. You’ll probably find the manufacturer’s guidelines recommend removing the cleaner when not in use, for a few good reasons. 1) While these units are developed to be submerged, long-term continuous exposure to water and chemicals can speed up wear and tear. Plastic parts are susceptible to degradation from pH changes in the water, while seals can disintegrate and allow to contact sensitive electronic components. It’s also good idea to limit unnecessary contact between water and the power supply. 2) Proper maintenance includes removing the cleaner and emptying the filter. This ensures optimum efficiency, less energy use and reduces the risk of damage. 3) There is a good argument for removing the cleaner while people are using the pool, limiting the likelihood of tangling or other avoidable accidents.

Most manufacturer will advocate for removal from the pool and a good rinse when not in use. That gives you a chance to give it a quick inspection, clean the filters and store it in a cool, dry place. Check the user manual or manufacturer’s website for detailed information and safety guidelines for your specific model.

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