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Q: When landscaping our backyard, we specifically chose trees and shrubs that wouldn’t fill the pool with leaves and sticks. My wife thinks we need a pool cover and I think it’s a waste of money. Who’s right?

A: Far be it from me to stand in the middle of a marriage, but I’m going to have to side with your wife on this one.

You are absolutely correct in thinking that a pool cover or blanket will keep out leaf litter and other plant debris…but that’s not all it will do. Covers also keep out bugs, beetles and general animal mess. Birds, bats, possums, cats and dogs can all leave unwanted surprises in or around the pool and a cover will help minimise impact on the pool water and lessen the need for extra sanitation measures.

As much as you want to keep things ‘out’ of the pool, covers are pretty good at keeping things ‘in’ as well. When using pool heating a blanket or cover helps trap the heat, ensuring the water remains toasty and saving on energy costs. In warmer months, it will help minimise evaporation, reducing water and chemical usage.

Covers are available in plenty of different styles and at a range of price points, which means you can opt for one that suits your specific environment without blowing the budget. Invest in one now and you’ll never look back.

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